A weekend of celebrating US

We have taken this weekend and decided to celebrate “us”…❤.                                                                                             We started off by a romantic evening dinner at Carabba’s Saturday…. Then Sunday we drove over to Asheville and took the Historic Trolley tour. It was a great way to learn of Asheville’s history and get an overview of the area. As well as, learn how Asheville has become the Melting Pot of diversity that we know it is today. We saw the original Wright’s Carriage House and Inn, who by the way had no children so the house was willed to the maid!! Then the Historic First Baptist Church. The Duomo was designed by Douglas Ellington.. The tiles on it look as if they are ‘bleeding’ into each other– it was meant to appear this way.. A slightly bellcast dome capped by a copper cupola sits atop the octagonal main auditorium and a full height hectacstyle portico greets visitors at the entrance. Although the outward form of the church is generally Neoclassical, the decorative patterns and surface ornament reflect the Art Deco style, which became popular in the 1920s. The primary exterior materials, brick and marble, are composed in a variety of patterns and low relief planes that enrich the wall surfaces with variations of texture and color. Terra cotta molding forms alternating bands of chevrons and nail head designs, while geometric star patterns set in low relief panels accentuate the entrance doors. The large, open sanctuary is richly detailed with geometric stars, stylized floral and feather motifs, diamond-shaped panels and abstract diagonal fretwork.

Then to the Basilica of Saint Lawrence…
Rafael Guastavino (1842-1908), an architect and builder of Spanish origin, came to Asheville to work on the Biltmore House in the mid-1890s. After completing his work at Biltmore, Guastavino settled in nearby Black Mountain. He soon declared the city needed a bigger Catholic church and with the help of friend and architect Richard Sharp Smith began planning an opulent testament to the local Catholic community’s faith. Construction on the basilica began in 1905 and was completed in 1909 by Raphael Guastavino, Jr. after his father died in 1908. The senior Guastavino is interred in a niche in the church.
Guastavino was credited with the revival of an ancient tile and mortar building system that had been practiced in the Catalan region of his native Spain. This method used layers of thin tile bedded in layers of mortar to create curved horizontal surfaces. By 1900 Guastavino successfully transferred his patented building method to the United States and worked with the Nation’s leading architects.

Then onto downtown to walk around and a lovely dinner at Tupelo Honey Cafe. We had the most amazing Black Bean Cakes with jalapeño aioli sauce!!! Absolutely awesome! Then lastly we went to The World Coffee & Confectioners Cafe for coffee and sweets 🙂 before heading back across the mountain into Tennessee….

We didn’t do everything yesterday we wanted to do, so today Monday we went back over to beautiful Asheville.. First off  The Asheville Botanical Gardens. Beautiful gardens with paths that meander thru trees and plants native and not native to the area, passing along the way a calming stream of water, small quaint wooden bridges, rock sitting areas and a gazebo…blue bird houses and some very old and very large trees! One tree was so large I had Thomas stand beside it to show its majesty…Thomas btw, is 6Ft 4in…. ( My Goomba)… Then over to The North Carolina Arboretum… What an outstanding layout and design this is place is! And it is immaculate too…. Bonsai, water features, and ever blooming gardens with street lights…would be a great date night place 😉

To commemorate our celebration of the day we met, we got each other gifts. My sweet SoulMate got me one of a kind, original glass blown, hand made earrings!!! I LOVE them!!!! Thank you baby!  He also bought me a hanging glass blown bubble vase with an air plant in it too… He got a fire pot and some garden solar stakes….

I can not think of any better way to celebrate the day our lives changed for the Best than to spend it together enjoying each other and loving on each other…taking in the Vast beauty that God has given us in our earth! And btw, we had a huge full moon that was simply amazing!

I Love My Thomas, My SoulMate, My Best Friend, My Bright Star

————————————————————– Mia Bella




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  • Thomas 06/06/2012   Reply →

    Loved Our Time together…….
    No one else I would rather Be With….

    Love You…

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