“Avere Fede’ ” … Italian for “Have Faith”.. Have the God kind of Faith. Faith, what is faith anyways? Faith is a Confident Expectation that God is Who He says & Is doing what He promised in His Word. I’ve dealt with many rejections, betrayals, and just being tossed out literally. Even I gave up on myself, seeing myself as worthless to even trying to end my life. On this day years ago; I really came to understand Truth of Jesus great love for me. I now see my worth & value thru the eyes of Jesus. He will always be My Rock. Avere Fede has been a reminder in every trial I’ve faced since- I Know He is Faithful! My Faith is firmly planted in Jesus and I’m confident that He will Always take care me. So on this Day of Freedom for me, I pray for those struggling with things. I’m praying for you. You’re not alone. God is Faithful to you & He loves you. Freedom does come. Just keep looking to Him. Jesus is Real.❤ #JesusIsLord #averefede🇮🇹 #havefaith #thomaslovesaudra #jesuslovesyouthemost #theBestisYetToBe

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