Boston in Concert Baby

August 23rd 2014 at Biltmore House South Terrace, Boston was live in concert. As an early birthday present to my soul mate, husband,& best friend; I purchased tickets that had been completely sold out!
We had amazing seats, 6th row center stage… It was a great performance and the evening was beautiful. As the sun was setting behind the blue ridge mountains, old school rock-n-roll played thru the valley.. Great music is something Thomas and I share together. But this was our 1st concert together! So special to me. Tom Scholz was amazing. As an MIT graduate and engineering sound equipment, you watch his passion for music as he closed his eyes to play his guitar.. absolutely beautiful. Tommy DeCarlo’s voice resonated thru the crowd with his performance in full swing as if it was his first. Funniest thing to us though was as we surveyed the crowd, we were a minority being the some of the youngest to attend. Oh well, we know great music and giftedness when we hear it. Nonetheless, this was for us and to have an evening together. Who cares who is there or not. Not us! What better venue than outside at Biltmore House next to the Italian Gardens..

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