Congratulations My Lil Chica!

Congratulations My Lil Chica!

After a struggle to find herself our sweet Amber (my lil chica), has made such great strides in her education & friendships.
Amber worked hard and has shown improvement in her grades. And she is maturing into a beautiful young lady.
We are so proud that Amber has graduated from Jonesborough Middle School and will be attending David Crockett High School next year.
Also My Lil Chica auditioned for the Crockett Chorus group and she made it in!!! WooHoo!!!
Although JMS does not have a formal graduation, we of course celebrated her with gifts and a cookout!! One big gift that she had been wanting was the book “Wicked” from the Broadway play in NYC. I brought her this book back from a recent NYC visit.
Amber, We could not be more proud of you! We love you so very much!!! High School is going to be such a great time for you especially getting to do what you love most-singing!!! We can not wait to see you shine!

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  • Becky Magill 06/07/2014   Reply →

    I am proud of you, Amber!

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