Cornerstone Church Christmas Fellowship 2011


Tonight was our first Cornerstone Church Fellowship Dinner as a family… The Frangipani Family <3 We had such a great time.. Great food, great fellowship, and the Best Entertainment by Carla Karst!!!! Carla rocked the Hear & Now with traditional Christmas songs, a "one-of-a-kind" 12 Days of Christmas--getting participants to help sing, even Pastor Barry got in on the fun of singing ( that's something I've never heard from him!)... And ending the evening, as a church family; we all sang in unison Silent Night/ Holy Night... How awesome to have our first church fellowship as a family, celebrating Jesus!! And we ended the evening with singing of our Great & Awesome Savior/ King... Jesus!!!! To You Jesus be all honor, glory, and Praise!! --- Mia Bella Angelica [gallery link="file"]

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