Family Time

Family Time:

So we slept in just a little this morning. And decided today would be a day of togetherness as a family. You know, you need those times as a family; times to just build our lives together on Jesus, fun, sunshine, and well ice cream LOL!
So we watched a DVD of Joseph Prince called , “The Battle for Your Mind”… Very good. We learned that the enemy comes to us in our minds, our thoughts, disguising himself as us. I’ll explain. Instead of his thought coming to you and saying, ” you should jump off this bridge”… It will be more like, “jump, I should jump off this bridge”…. He makes it sound like its you when it’s actually him- the enemy speaking in your mind… We also learned that we are a Spirit, we have a mind, and we live in a body…
And we should take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ… How? Thought comes, does it line up with Jesus? If not, ignore it and pay no attention to it and move on…. If it persists for weeks or more, find scripture on it and declare when the thoughts come what The Word has to say.. Example> “my head hurts, oh no it hurts really bad, oh gosh my aunt Sally had a headache like this and it turned out to be a brain tumor and by the time they found it, she only lived 6 weeks… Gosh, I’m so much like aunt Sally… I’ve got a brain tumor !” So how should I handle this? Like this> out of my mouth I’ll say out loud ” head I command you to stop hurting in Jesus Name, The Word says ‘by His stripes I’m healed’ so I’m healed because ‘as Jesus is so am I in this world’ … So I’m just like Jesus… Amen!” that’s how you deal with reoccurring thoughts from the enemy! KaPow!!!!
Next we got ready and drove to Asheville, NC to the Asheville Botanical Gardens for a stroll thru the gardens… Beautiful Day. On the way, we were listening to music and singing away… Lmbo… Then on to PaPa’s and Beer for a great dinner! Mexicana…
Finally, Ultimate Ice Cream!!!!!! YAY! YUMMY! The Best Ice Cream ever… Locally owned and operated, uses organic products, and they give 10% to a charity every month… Their ice cream is also featured in many of Asheville’s restaurants… We also learned about PMA at the ice cream shop… POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE …. Yep, we need to think positive, think on Jesus!
So all in all a Great Family Day today!
When asking the kids about their family time today, Amber said, ” it was Awesome & Fun”.. And Brandon said, “Awesome Sauce and totally worth it”…. Now when building a family together what more could make us smile than to hear our children say such things!


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