From a Dream in My Heart to The Love of My Life

Today is The Day I met My Soulmate, June 4th…. It was a beautiful and very hot Saturday evening at The Greene’s Lake House on Boone Lake in Johnson City, Tennessee. My dear friends, Jerry & Alle Greene had felt led of The Lord to use their property to honor God. So they prayed for many months and planned diligently. Eventually it was evident they should have a Christian Music Singing there and offer a brief message and opportunity for prayer and fellowship. Bring my friends, I went to offer my help that evening seeing they were expecting many people to attend this free event. Little did I know that this would be The Day that Jesus answered my prayers and changed my life forever.
Upon arriving at The Lake house, I noticed this very handsome guy…. I couldn’t see really well because it was so bright and sunny, but I thought he looked Italian… 🙂 but…. I was here to help and serve…. So I did… I was asked to take a few pictures and to try to video on my cell the message that was shared… So I did. I tried to upload the videos but it wouldn’t work.. I went to my friends son, Ashley Greene who always had helped me with my IT needs… He tried to get it to work but…. And the next thing I know he was yelling for his coworker to come help him… When he came up the stairs I turned around and it was that same guy from when I had arrived that I noticed… And Oh Yes, He Is Italian!!!!! And in the house where I could see him better…. I became speechless and ended almost running out of the house… Lol! I was struck by his presence and he intrigued me just from his direct look into my eyes…. This was the beginning……
The next few hours and even now, I could not stop thinking of this man… He seemed so familiar to me as if I’ve always known him somehow….it wasn’t too long until I realized this Is the guy that Jesus had shown me in my heart for years, this is the guy I had been praying blessings and protection for for years… This Is The Guy!!!!!
Now today, we are a happily married couple and I still am intrigued by him and I know He is my dream come true, my soulmate, my best friend & my sweet husband….
This day, June 4th will always hold a special memory for me…. The day I met the love of my life and the day my prayers became tangible….
To my Soulmate: I thank Jesus everyday for You ❤….. I never want to walk through this life without you… I want to share all life has to offer with you forever! Thank you for listening to your friend Ashley, and coming up from Knoxville that night… Thank you for loving me just as I am..

You are my dream come true, Thomas I love you
Our star was the same star bright and led you to me that night
My soulmate best friend ,we will always be together until time ends
We will grow old together me and you, walking this journey our whole life thru
When you call me Princess or Mia Bella, my heart smiles greatly and I just melt
One summer night I fell in love, under the stars shining brightly above
I have only myself to give to you, but I promise to love you always my whole life thru
From a dream in my heart to the love of my life, from a summer night meeting now I’m your wife
Now we look together at the stars brightly shining above, two hearts became one & now continue in love
Where will life’s journey take you and me, we will follow Jesus and together we will enjoy the journey
As life throws hard things and junk in our face, we are stronger than ever leaning on His Amazing Grace
So on this day of remembrance for me and you, I promise my love will always be just as true
My sweet Thomas, My Soulmate, My best Friend…. I’m completely in love with You!!! ❤

——————- I Love You, your Mia Bella Angelica


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