Eat Drink and Be Merry

Hair Fashion Forum’s Christmas Party 2013

Our annual Hair Fashion Forum Christmas Party was last night, December 14th 2013. The festivities were held at Jeri & Travis’ home. With all the girls present to relax, have fun, & celebrate the Christmas Season.
We choose several different hors d’oeuvres as our menu.  Those ranged from  Fresh Shrimp &  a Fruit Tart from , thnx to Jeannie & Ashley! Shawn & Amy brought in fresh made Ribs by our very own Chef Shawn, ummmm yeah they were amazing! Thnx Shawn & Amy! Thomas & I brought Italian Marinated Skewers with salami, cheese, tortellini, olives, artichoke hearts, tomatoes on them… Love those! John & Nancy served up some beef tenderloin that was so tender, yummy! Our delightful hosts, Jeri & Travis laid out a spread of Buffalo Chicken Dip, Bourbon Meatballs, Ham & Cheese Sliders, & Rolo Pretzel pecan bites- tasted like Chocolate Turtle Candy— annndddd of course we had Wet Bar to mix up drinks, including MudSlides, Peppermint Martinis, Mimosas, Cranberry Vodka on the Rocks, & Our Drink of the evening-Champagne Sunset, very nice! Plus Ying Ling….
After socializing & grazing over our delicious food & drinks, we moved up to the living room to have some fun playing The White Elephant Game… We had some many fun & interesting gifts go around. There was 12pk Ying Ling, Starbucks Gift card, Firehouse Gift Card, a Ringer Mug that Travis got that you ring for someone to refill your mug lol, cheese board & knives with Christmas Glasses which Chef Shawn appropriately ended up with, a Helicopter & oversized Phone, John got the game Taboo, a digital Coin Bank, Bert got “Fish & Chips”- lol, a Beta Fish named Willy and a can of Pringles Chips , we had a returning gift-the chia pet gnome that came with a poem as follows

“Oh my goodness
what’s this that you see
It’s the chia pet gnome”
he has revisited thee
I told you that
you may see a return
Of gifts gotten last year,
so now it’s your turn
You may trade this gnome
for a gift already opened
But then you’ll never know
what you would hv gotten
You may think
it’s just a chia pet gnome
If that’s what you think
then just pass it along
If you’re able to hold
onto your pet friend
Until this game finishes
until the very end
I’ll tell you that
you’re a master indeed
You’ve played this game well
with lots of fun & some greed
Now that you hv
this chia pet gnome,
At the end of the game
your real prize will be shown…. ”


Well, that gift as I said ended up in Jeri’s hands. To her surprise, the real gift was Chocolates, a bottle of Disaronno, and several lottery tickets.. Those produced 3free tickets. Hopefully Jeri will win some cash!

All in all, I believe everyone had a lot fun! I’m thinking we need to get together more often. So thnx to everyone for coming & a special Thank You to Jeri and Travis for opening up their home for all of us!

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