Today marks 10 months of marriage for Thomas & I…
Wow, what a ride it’s been.. Shew… It’s definitely by God’s Grace that we have been able to withstand all the attacks of the enemy… Yet we stand!!!!! Here in the GRACE OF GOD, FULLY LOVING EACH OTHER !!!!
And right at this moment, we are having Whoopie pies by Entenmann’s from Long Island, NY ( in the Brentwood area where aunt Carol and uncle Tommy live; where Thomas spent lots of his life) & toffee coffee while watching Sleeping Beauty… Aurora… This is me! I am Sleeping Beauty and My Prince awoke my heart! My dream has come true!!! And the theme song is ,” Once Upon a Dream”… This is us! Thomas, you are my dream come true! My Soulmate, My Best Friend!!!!! I love you!!!

——– your Mia Bella 😉

Happy 10 month anniversary Sweetheart

Happy 10 month anniversary Sweetheart




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  • Thomas 07/31/2012   Reply →

    Love You Princess……………..

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