This was a bitter sweet day for me. Father’s Day… My first Father’s Day since my daddy was promoted to Heaven. I miss him so very much. He was an amazing man. He had the ability to make everyone feel comfortable & relaxed around him. He always included everyone. My daddy was a very kind, sweet, & gentle man. He was a man not without mistakes, as we all have; but a forgiven man who spent everyday of his life so grateful & thankful to Jesus for forgiving Him/saving him.
So today,as I would usually go the past 7 years; my family and I drove to Virginia for “The June Meeting”. It’s basically a Homecoming time for all our family to reunite, to be thankful for the input those passed away had given into our lives, to be thankful for the Faith in Jesus they imparted to us, & to see ahead how we can continue this model to our kids and grand kids… But mostly to unite in the Name of Jesus as one & honor Him for all He has done. This started in 1926… It’s 88years strong, with family from Delaware, llinois, Missouri, Tennessee, Florida, & Michigan, and of course Virginia arriving.
It was hard to go for the first time to the cemetary. I’ve only been here when my daddy was alive and with me. And today, My first time visiting my daddy’s grave. I wasn’t sure how I would react. I had a mixture of emotions. From sadness, to feeling an emptiness, to looking at his headstone and thinking “he’s at the greatest Homecoming Celebration ever!” Then my emotion went to a slight jealousy lol… Then I looked over my shoulder to my sweet husband and knowing this is his Father’s Day too… My work here isn’t finished yet… So on with my calling…
We visited many aunts, uncle’s, and cousins. Along with my step mother momma Jane and step grandma Meyers …. Taking pictures & looking around at the beautiful land where we were standing.
Soon the sound of hymns being sung acapella were resonating through the mountains… Then a prayer by my uncle Denver… Next was Pastor Jimmy Singleton delivering a message on God’s Grace… Followed by a closing hymn and more photos and hugs…
Down the hill we go to the little church I know so well from my childhood days… Such great memories with my daddy, my grandma Russ, cousins, aunts & uncles…
I wanted our kids to get to see the out house ( bathroom) & my old Sunday school room.. And to let the kids stand in my favorite place- behind the podium lol… Then I wanted to show them the “old southern way” for a homecoming/ potluck meal spread out in the very same place it was when I was a small girl …. Sweet memories…
So after more photos, lots of hugs and kisses, we were off to celebrate Father’s Day for Thomas…. He wanted to go to O’Charley’s for Brunch…. Next a quick trip to the house for a change of clothes and off to The BlueRidge Mountains for a drive.. Per Thomas’ request… It was such a beautiful day. We ended up in west Asheville at The Ultimate Ice Cream Shop, Yummy!!!!! Even if I am allergic to milk, it’s worth it! Coming over the mountain back into TN, Thomas and the kids and myself; we started singing The Brady Bunch lol… “Sunshine Day”…. We all love the Brady Brunch Show and the songs… Yep, we are that CheeZee! Baahaaa!!! As we came thru Erwin, we saw the CSX Train coming down the tracks.. How fitting to end our day with celebrating Thomas.. He loves trains!
I missed getting see my Daddy-O, Delano.. He has been a father figure to me naturally & spiritually.. And will continue to be an important part of my life and our family. A man of God who has dedicated his life to Jesus and serving Him, loving my momma Betty, & being a great step father his kids & their children… I love you Daddy-O & am so grateful for you in our lives!
All in all, I believe it turned out to be a very nice day. Although it was tough without my daddy, I somehow felt his presence with us… I know Jesus was with me the entire day helping me to move forward.
to My Daddy, My Thomas, & My Daddy-O……. I Love you!

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