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New York Rendezvous (sept 2013)

Tell me Jesus doesn’t answer your prayers & I’ll completely disagree!
I’ve been asking Jesus for a few days with my husband, my best friend, my soul mate, my superman…. The answer never comes when you think it will BUT it ALWAYS comes right when it’s supposed to!
As you know, my sweet daddy passed away in December 2012 and Thomas & I had to postpone our New Years Eve trip to New York…. Thinking we had until December 2013 to use it, we had no plans to go any sooner. Jesus had His own plan for us & seeing how we submit to His will (because that’s always the better plan)… We were notified that our plane tickets had to be used asap. Off to New York City we went!
Arriving in Manhattan just before dinner time, we dropped our stuff off at our hotel Park Central Hotel
Definitely loved our room & hotel… just steps from the 57th street subway & 1 1/2 blocks from Central Park
we were centrally located with easy access to everything…
We set out that evening headed to St Paul’s Church
this church is so old & helped many during the 9/11 attack. .. houses George Washington’s pew and many other artifacts. .. including a continuing prayer memorial for the loved ones who lost their lives in 9/11…… Next we walked over to the 9/11 Memorial which left us speechless. ..Thomas grew up watching the Twin Towers being built and has many memories there… This is a must see if you’re planning a NY trip! Then dinner from NY’S finest-a food truck lol… but oh so good… Off to the Staten Island Ferry for a FREE trip to St George Terminal and then got on again to come back……. It’s perfect for a romantic sunset cruise together! Such history about the ferry & you can see the NJ skyline, Statue of Liberty, & the Manhattan skyline; absolutely beautiful! Loved it!
Saturday held a trip a famous Starbucks that was once a barbershop & location of one of history’s most notorious mob hits on October 25th, 1957 when Albert Anastasia was shot to death…. 870 7th Avenue New York …. off to Little Italy for The 87th San Gennaro Feast A look into a portion of the life my husband had growing up…. Great Food! Great Fun! Thomas won me a teddy bear, we ate veal marsala, drank Sangria & wine at Buona Notte Restaurant oh my my!!!…Oh I could live this life!!! Italian jazz music by Johnny Russo… Italian disco tec music. .traditional Italian folk music…a parade with former gov. Mario Cuomo & former Heavy Weight Champion Bruno Sammartino ….and the statue of Saint Gennaro from Most Precious Blood Church all coming thru on floats. … a visit to the church which was the first church for the Italian immigrants in 1891 in Little Italy. … a visit to Italian American Museum gave us more insights to those who lived here before and artifacts left behind. ..we picked up a few gifts for the kids & a couple cds for us, 2 bottles imported balsamic vinegar and on our way to the subway train we made a quick stop into a corner shop (news stand according to Thomas) to pick up some magazines. … As if we didn’t have enough to eat, we stopped in Fluffy’s to get dessert.. Tiramisu! Very Very Good!
Sunday- Church Day! We are visiting Hillsong NYC so excited to get there! This was Awesome! People lined around a city block for 6 services to Worship Jesus that’s so Amazing! The people were friendly & welcoming, the music will change you, & the message will challenge you! We were blessed to be there to see Martin Smith & hear some new music! My husband being from Queens said there was not anything like this when he was growing up here…. If you’re living in NY or visiting make a purposeful decision to schedule going to HillsongNyc! Check out their website Upon leaving there we headed towards Brooklyn. … after long subway ride & a metro bus ride we arrived at the Aqueduck Flea Market. ..yep all that way to see a flea market that had seen on Storage Wars NY… lmbo… it was something else… and a lot of fun watching my hubby speak couple languages buying a few things. .. then a bus ride back & subway train ride …. Next Stop Coney Island! … By now I’m starving, where to eat? None other than the famous Grimaldi’s Pizza! Yummy! Walked to the Coney Island Beach, we love beaches, oceans, lakes etc… It was windy but beautiful nonetheless…. We started hearing music so we had to check it out lol…. tons of people dancing it was great fun! Before leaving Coney Island we had to stop into the Famous Nathan’s for hotdogs And Yes, I see why they’re famous. …. We got back on subway train heading back to the hotel… several times while waiting for the next train we were serenaded by local talent in singing, dancing, & playing Instruments. .. pretty cool..I love real people in their elements! Monday we headed to the Chelsea district to walk the High Line. ..a former Railway in the meat packing area that’s been salvaged into a green space. .. Beautiful views, gorgeous foliage and plants, & few bistros to grab a bite or drink along the way… check it out next on our agenda Central Park where my sweet husband proposed to me 2 years ago in such a fairy tale way…. Walking thru the pathways until we were at the very place, BETHESDA Fountain. … We relaxed there by the lake reminiscing & enjoying each other! Walking on we ran into a free concert by Frealane an indie rock band they were great! We met their GM who is also a NY Fireman very interesting guy who loves both jobs….afterwards the sun was setting only to reveal another side of this beautiful park to us…. We got engaged by moonlight, walked most of it by day on our honeymoon and now a sunset with picturesque scenes moving us into the night. ..Very Romantic!!! Next we headed to Times Square & Thomas surprised me with romantic dinner at Tony’s Italian .. Linguini & roasted garlic and oil, chicken marsala, eggplant parmigiana & wine… It was a great dinner with the best & funniest waiter! And apparently a famous actress that was reliving the ‘good ole days’, we have no clue who she was…Thomas asked our waiter” who is the wizard of oz?” lol but he wouldn’t tell us. ..not wanting to leave NY the next day, we decided to stroll thru Bryant Park the moon was full & The Empire State Building was lit in Italian colors, the park was bloomed with beautiful flowers shining in the moonlight…. a perfect finish for our evening. … The next morning we were blessed to ride to the airport in a limo. …. great way to end our trip…. It was great to get a few days alone with my husband after all we are still Newly Weds but I’m already dreaming of our next adventure together! I love this man & am the happiest girl in the world to serve Jesus & do life together with him! This was a very very romantic trip and my heart is full knowing Jesus Always gives us the best! I can’t wait to go again with my best friend,my soul mate, my husband, my superman! I love You Thomas!
We took so many photos, so please watch the video to see them & enjoy. …thanks for following us. .. blessings. ..

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