Our love is a Waterfall ❤

Yesterday we decided to get outside and enjoy the beautiful day..
We both enjoy the beauty that God’s given us in creation and getting outside to actually partake of it can be a challenge sometimes. It seems that life can create business for you so much so that one can forget what’s really important…
Off we went in search of Whitewater Falls.
Upper Whitewater Falls is the highest waterfall east of the Rockies, falling 411 feet! It’s about 60 miles from downtown Asheville and part of the Whitewater River in the Jocassee Gorge area of North Carolina just before you reach South Carolina. For an excellent view of Whitewater Falls, follow the paved 1/4-mile walkway to the upper overlook.
This was such a beautiful view yet was probably one of the easiest Falls I’ve ever been to. The scenery on the drive over is quite nice, I believe you’ll enjoy it if you decide to venture out to the Falls.
Standing there looking at the Falls serves a feeling inside you that there’s such power in that water.. It completely immerses anything in its path, carves the sharp areas of rock in its path into smooth silky rocks… It nourishes vegetation nearby and of course critters too! It continues on and on in it’s flowing- and as its fed rain- it flows fuller and faster!!! A waterfall can only be a waterfall with rain from Jesus!
Yes, our love is like a waterfall… Immerses myself, my Thomas, & our children… If you get close enough to us it will get you too 😉 it smooths out the tough areas we each have from our past and turns them into something Jesus uses in our favor… Our live nourishes all that surrounds us, especially our own little critters lol.. Our children whom we love dearly… Our love continues on and on in it’s flowing – as we get fed love- it flows fuller and faster!!! Our love can only “be” a waterfall of love with Love from Jesus, where True Love originates!
So take time for the important things.. Jesus, your Soulmate, your family & friends. If you do, in the end you’ll find that everything else will fall into place…
Grace to You,
Mia Bella
















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  • Jeannie basinger 08/19/2012   Reply →

    Awesome we went to see hope springs it was a wonderful movie

    • Thomas 08/19/2012   Reply →

      🙂 Perfect!!!!! We love you Jeannie!!!

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