Russ Family Reunion 2014

Russ Family Reunion

Fathers Day 2014
We started Father’s Day by traveling to Abingdon, Virginia. It was time for The annual Russ Family Reunion. People ask why would you hold your family reunion every year on Father’s Day? Well, when the reunion started Father’s Day had not been instituted as a holiday yet. In fact, it was not until 1972 that President Richard Nixon signed it in as a permanant holiday on the 3rd Sunday of June.
For The Russ Family this year marked the 89th June Meeting. With the first June Meeting starting in 1926.

What is the reason to have the June Meeting? Well, as my favorite Uncle, Denver stated so well, “it is gor a Family reunion and a Memorial service for family and friends; those who are still with us and for those who have went on to be with The Lord; Sharing memories and the legacy of those who have went on to Jesus has left us..”

We always sing hymns and the current preacher would bring a message from The Word. This year Preacher Singleton, who is like my 2nd cousin (my daddy regarded him more like a brother); brought us the message.
Asking questions about “remembering”. What do you remember about your Granddaddy? Or Father or Mother who has passed on?

We set aside times for remembering. But do we set aside time to honor Jesus? Time of remembering what Jesus did for us at The Cross and how He has risen and is seated at the right hand of The Father?

We were left with this thought. It is not until the eyes of your heart are open that can you “know” Him more deeply. It is a choice for each of us to allow our hearts to be open to hear the voice of The Lord… He is always speaking to you…. will you listen?

When the service was over, we quickly got with my step mother -Jane & step Grandmother Meyers for a few photos. Then over to my Uncle Denver, cousin Rhona-Leah and her husband Honey (I always looked up her as a kid & felt closest to her), cousins Robert & Betty-jo, & cousin Ashley. Gosh, I miss my family so much.. So tons of photos and lots of hugs with goodbyes and intentions of making it a priority to spend more time together when we next come again….
It seemed like such a great reunion but missing greatly were my aunt Kaye, aunt Jane, & of course my daddy. I was so excited for my husband to meet everyone and for my family to meet my husband & kids. Daddy would have loved every minute of it. In fact, uncle Denver said something to me that blessed me- it made me feel as if my daddy was right there with us. He said, “you represent your family very well, pretty, sweet, good lady who loves The Lord; your daddy would be proud.” Such a sweet gift to me.

Then off we went to grill out to celebrate Thomas for Father’s Day. Time to let the kids honor their dad and love on him, for me to celebrate the incredible father Thomas is.

I could not end the day though without thinking of Big Jerry (a former boss who is with Jesus now too). He taught me so much about Jesus and was kind of like a dad to me too. I imagine that My Daddy along with the rest of The Russ Family and Big Jerry along with The Slagle Family were celebrating a most awesome Father’s Day with the Greatest Father of us all…..

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