Spending time with the kids…

So saturday Amber, My lil Chica; and I went Christmas shopping together for a few hours… Of course we just had to purchase something for ourselves. We both got new outfits to wear for Christmas. So much fun shopping with her! We stopped and had lunch together. You know just taking time together is so special! While we were out shopping, Thomas & Brandon were also shopping and having lunch together. The same evening we celebrated Grandma Frangipani’s birthday. Another special time together.  These moments are so very special. And I do not ever take them for granted.
Then sunday we all went to the movies together to see Madea’s Christmas.. Our kids are so blessed by Jesus. A lady who worked with them over the summer was working at concession stand there. Next thing we know, she walked away and came back with offical movie posters for both kids! What a blessing… We had such a blast watching the movie laughing together. We all laughed so hard and was playing the script over on the way home..

Then monday Thomas had to work so the kids and I went shopping yet again. Gosh we had so much fun! They enjoyed getting to choose gifts for their dad with money they earned doing extra stuff around the house. They were so excited to wrap them and place them under the tree. Sweet. We stopped to eat lunch at Dairy Queen. Their place of choice. But I must say the best thing about the entire day was when we were saying prayers before bed that night. Both kids thanked Jesus for giving them a great day shopping, eating, and wrapping gifts-with me! One of those oh so priceless moments! To which I thanked Jesus for letting them see how much I love them and that life can be great! Feeling very thankful!

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