Thanksgiving, Trees, Snowball fights and A Birthday all in a weekend journey!

Thanksgiving, Trees, Snowball fights and  A Birthday all in a weekend journey! 

Cleaning, cooking, family and adopted family too. This is what our Thanksgiving was made of. Amber learned how to make homemade rolls and stuffing, she and audra spent several hours in the kitchen getting everything together. What a special time together for them. A few short hours later, the food was prepared,  the table beautifully set, and Grandma & Grandpa Frangipani along with our “adopted” daughter Christina arrived to celebrate. We ate waaayyy too much,  but had such a great time!
The next day we packed up and drove to Elk River Tree Farm. We were set to go pick out Christmas tree.  Snow was everywhere there.  What a beautiful place that was, the scenery was awesome up there. We took pictures in the photo booth and of each other. Oh a not forget Brando & Amber throwing snowballs at each other!
Next up was dinner at a great Bbq place down the road.  Presents and more presents for Brando ‘ s birthday.  Turning 19 and being a college student now, but a kid at heart forever.  We are so very proud of what a fine young man Brando is becoming!
What a  long weekend this was. But filled with family,  friends,  and so much fun. We are Blessed!

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