The Heart of the matter …


Today we had to say Arrivederci ( good-bye) to Grandma Barb & Grandpa 🙁 We really weren’t ready for them to leave. But we have to say, what a Great weekend we have all had enjoying them!

When we got up this morning, Jesus reminded us (Thomas & Audra) of our blood covenant 🙂 We saw a beautiful Cardinal outside the bathroom window!

After a huge breakfast together, we took some last minute pictures, grabbed a “black & white cookie, and off we were to get the days tasks finished. Audra and Amber ended up at Starbucks somehow, and documented their fun 🙂

Now, evening has come and dinner is over…. Again the four of us are piled up on our big bed, in our pajamas, watching a funny movie… And Thomas & Brandon flexing their muscles 😉

So back to the heart of the matter…. LOVE…. We Love our Children… We Love Grandma Barb & Grandpa…. We Love our family… We Love Jesus….. That is The Heart of The Matter 🙂











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  • Betty Hyder 01/03/2012   Reply →

    WOW! daddyo and I are just getting to see these, I havent checked my mail in days. Cant say how full of joy we are to see what Jesus is doing in your lives, much love and blessings to you all. This year will be greater than you could ever imagine! Keep soaring ! much love moma

  • Thomas 01/03/2012   Reply →

    Thanks for the kind words, that means so much to us. We value you guys very much!! We have greatly enjoyed using our Christmas gifts with the cardinals on them!! Thank you!!

    We love and miss you both very much!! We still have your Christmas gift… Sign up on here to follow our blog.. It will send you an email containing any new pictures or blogs we post 🙂 we want you guys to be a part of what God’s doing in our lives-- because you’re family!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    We pray that your year is full of blessings…..
    —-Thomas 🙂

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