The last performance of the 7th grade…

It’s the end of Amber’s 7th grade year & her last chorus concert with her Beloved teacher, Mr Williams…
So throwing a Perfect Pitch on every song , Amber came out with her fellow classmates in an outstanding performance!
Singing several contemporary songs such as Adele’s ” Turning Tables” & ” I’ll Be There”… Amber nailed every note to the scale and gave it her all to show Mr Williams and all of Jonesborough Middle School what a Great music teacher & director can do!
Amber, who has her daddy’s awesome voice & a great gift from God in her voice; has overcome great fears to get up in front of people and sing. And we are so very proud of her! Each time we see her step out to perform, we see that she’s grown more and more..
The entire chorus group had amazing growth in their vocals. It is more than obvious that Mr Williams has made a lasting impression on each one of these young people. Leaving the nights performance with gratitude and blessing abundantly each one there, Mr Williams said his final farewells at his last performance before retiring. What a blessing for us that Jesus put someone so strong in his faith, into Amber’s life to help guide her. So grateful for that!
The nights end was full of cake and goodies, awards and honors, and many pictures being snapped with each other. What a perfect end to the school year. Leaving everyone in anticipation for what the next year will bring…. Great things I’m sure!
We love you Amber & are so very proud of You!
Dad, Audra, & Brandon

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  • Becky Magill 05/20/2013   Reply →

    Sounds like a great evening. Amber, I am proud of you!

    • Thomas 05/20/2013   Reply →

      Thank you aunt Becky…
      Love Amber

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