Those Fuzzy Black “Stockings”…

Creating Memories Together during Christmas & focusing on Jesus.  That is what my goal was.

So, Christmas Eve started out running errands, cooking dinner, & setting the table. And awaiting for Grandma & Grandpa Frangipani to arrive. Finally they did.  We listened to Christmas music while we were eating and singing. Memories were being created. Then quickly cleared the table, so we could rush to Our Church, for the Candlelight Communion Service. It was a great service. I truly enjoy receiving communion together as a family. More Memories being created. Afterwards, we returned home, With Grandma & Grandpa! I think kids were excited to have their grandparents sleep over. I think Grandma & Grandpa were excited too lol.  We all curled up in the living room to watch a movie and eat tons of appetizers and desserts. Memories… Then everyone got their pj’s on and off to bed. Well except Mr Claus & I lol… We had gifts to wrap and place under the tree, and stockings to fill.
The next morning after making a pot of coffee & grandma had her cigarette outside in freezing cold temps LOL, we were finally ready to open gifts.I truly love to give gifts and watch the faces in excitment and suprise when they see their gift. Even Amber cried over one gift. Precious! Memories…. My daddy once told me I take after my father and I had his smile. I thought he meant himself. But he pointed to Heaven and said not me sweetheart your heavenly father, you have his smile and you have his heart. Thankful for that, Memories… As I watched the kids, their grandparents, & my husband open their gifts in wonder and joy; I could hear Jesus speaking to me. Saying,” this is only a tiny bit of how I feel when I see my children with gifts I gave them.”  Wow what a moment in time. Then I looked over at  mine and Thomas’ Christmas Stockings hanging on the mantle. I remember our first Christmas I wanted everything to be perfect. I tried so hard. Afterall Thomas and the kids were my gifts from Jesus so I wanted to honor them. I was stressed over not finding the right stockings for Thomas & I. He wanted black ones.. really not easy to find. So in a last minute effort I grabbed up two plain fuzzy socks. Socks… not stockings. I was so upset. Little did I know Memories would be created. But now looking at those fuzzy socks I saw something different. I’ve grown to love them. They might be plain, they may only be socks, they may be small and look completely ridiculous but they are filled with love and memories of a family that Jesus put together. I wouldn’t sell those socks for anything. They’re Priceless. Just like my family. Priceless. What do you have to bind a family together? The love of Jesus and your memories… right down to the fuzzy black socks…..

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