Unexpected Blessings

Funny to me sometimes how right in the midst of a stressful time, one which you’re asking ” God, what’s going on here?” Blessing shows up.
Last night I was standing outside looking at the stars saying this very thing. Little did I know Jesus was blessing us with an unexpected gift.
We walked out to our front porch and found friends in the driveway delivering a New Gas Grill for an anonymous Blesser!!! What a shock & surprise! We are very grateful since the bottom of ours had rotted out.
What’s to learn here? The Blesser has a 100x blessing coming to them from Jesus! And for us, to know that if Jesus knows & sees our need, our desire for a grill ( that we didn’t pray for) and sends us one….. Then He knows and sees our needs and desires that are even bigger!
Jesus has Never failed me… He Never will because He Loves Me!!!!!

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