Virginia Creeper Trail October 2014

Virginia Creeper Trail October 2014

We took A Trip By Bicycle On The Virginia Creeper Trail……Now you have to realize, The last time I rode a bike for any amount of time is 20+ Years ago, so hey why not jump right into a 17 mile ramble down the side of a mountain… The actual whole length of the trail is a whopping 34 miles. But we thought the 17 miles from White top to Damascus would be a great limbering up exercise…

There are several trail outfitters in the quant town of Damascus Virginia, they all for the most part provide the same service, you can rent a bicycle from them and they will shuttle you and the bike to the starting point at white top.. or you can bring your own and still catch a ride for a nominal fee. We were blessed to have picked the perfect fall weekend. The colors were popping and vibrant and the weather was in the upper 60’s which made it super comfortable for biking.

The scenery along the trial is amazing…. from high mountain peak overlooks to Sprawling acres laden Farms accompanied by Large Red Barns. the Trail also crosses over several majestic Bridges, some wood and a few amazing old steel trestle types. in fact the whole trail lays on what use to be a railroad line, and at one point you even have a stop at an old railroad station that now serves as a small but informative museum, and a small grocery store in case you need a water or a snack..

Most, and I do mean most, of the 17 mile section we traveled was downhill, with the last 3 miles or so leveling out. And let me say that my 20 year since cycling legs felt every inch… overall this is a must see/do outing.. if your not in the position for the ride,i am sure you could walk down most of the trail. either way don’t miss this.. I will copy some info from the official page in case you want to check it out further…

The Va Creeper Trail stretches 34 miles from Abingdon, Virginia down thru the lovely town of Damascus, Va (known as the Heart of the Va Creeper) along the Whitetop Laurel River and up to its highest point Whitetop Station near the NC State Line at Whitetop, Virginia. The Va Creeper Trail is open year round to hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding.

This former rail bed passes through the Mount Rogers National Recreation area and the highland country of Southwestern Virginia. The Virginia Creeper Trail is rich in beauty and regional history. This is an easy biking adventure that you and your friends and family will talk about for a long time.

So visit one of our Virginia Creeper Trail bike shops, take a bite at some of the local restaurants, and spend the night in one of our comfy beds.

You will love it here!

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