We Love You Grandma Frangipani!!!

Grandma’s Birthday comes on December 20th which is very close to Christmas. To that I’d say her birthday probably got a bit jilted. I personally believe birthdays should be celebrated in a special way. One in which the person experiences a great sense of love and honor. You know, it doesn’t have be expensive to show love and honor. Actually, some of the best ways to honor someone and show your love cost very little. Thomas’ parents and I come from very different worlds but a love for family unites us together.
I decided this year to show our love for Grandma Frangipani and to honor her, by cooking a nice meal and serving her a gormet Chocolate Ganache Cake…. Then we all gathered around our dining table covered with tons of decorations to create homemade decorated ornaments. We each created an ornament for Grandma complete with the year stamped on them. These are her gifts from us to decorate her tree with. Then we each created more ornaments as keepsakes for ourselves… Even Grandpa got in on the ornaments. There’s nothing like doing fun things together as a family. Hopefully Grandma felt honored and was filled with great love from her family. I believe more than ornaments were created here in The Frangipani Home… One will never truly know what Jesus can do through esteeming others value until we reach Heaven… Love Conquers All… “Amor Vincit Omnia”…..

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